August 13, 2020

Blocks of Sterling currency of various denominations amounting to over a million pounds.

Make a Million

I spend a lot of time travelling.  

I remember once filling in a questionnaire that everyone used to get on a long haul flight. What TV channels do you watch, what magazines do you read, how did you book this flight etc.  The last question was, ‘How many times have you flown this year?’

I had a quick calculation and came up with 175 times!

Even the flight attendant when she saw my response was shocked.

I consider it ‘up’ time, not ‘down’ time, and I am always listening to people, thinking and writing down ideas in a notebook but it is also a time to mess around with a calculator.

Chunking down or breaking down a problem is the easiest way to solve it.  Solve the five component parts of a problem and you have solved the BIG problem.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!

Do you want to make one million pounds or dollars?  Then break it down into chunk sized, manageable (do-able) pieces….The result is the same, but the journey and the goal becomes more achievable.

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