June 2, 2020

Know Fear!

Knowledge, practice and courage are your weapons against fear.  You may only use one of those, or all of them.  But they are the keys to facing fear.
One person can Parasail off the back of a speed boat at a moments notice.  And do it every day of their holiday!  (Yes, that is yours truly in the pictures!)

One person can step out of a plane door at 10,000 feet without hesitation.

Another can stand before an audience of 10,000 and give a speech without breaking into a sweat.

Fears can be rational or irrational but they are always personal and real.

Everyone fears something. Don’t be afraid to be scared. To diminish a fear, you must first face it. Face Fear…

The one hundredth skydive or speech won’t be as traumatic as the first. But you must make the first step.

The best way to deal with first fears is through a combination of logic and bravery. Logically, most people who Parasail, jump from planes or give speeches don’t die. FACT! They succeed through preparation. If your equipment is right and your training is complete, you are ready to jump. If your speech is carefully crafted and you have practiced many times, you are ready to speak.  Then again, you may just be like me and you ‘don’t do fear’. 

Associate with confident people. You have seen many who have already done what you fear doing. Now, do what they have done.

Fear is learned and must be unlearned. After facing that fear, you will feel exhilarated. Without fear, there can be no courage.

FEAR can be False Evidence Appearing Real – it’s your perception of something, not necessarily the reality of the situation.

The thing is to ‘Know’ Fear and not ‘No Fear’

The best thing you can do with fear is investigate it. See the fear for what it really is and NOT MORE than it is. Don’t create additional stuff and attribute it to the fear, keep the fear to what it really is, nothing more.

Fear provides the opportunity to be brave.

Babies are born with only two fears. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noise.
All other fears are acquired. They are self-inflicted!

Courage is not the absence of Fear – it’s the ability to act in spite of Fear.  Understand it.  Then lose it.
Be Fear-Less!

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